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About Us


Welcome to TXFilms Production!


We are happy to bring our infinite creativity, knowledge, and refined artistic taste to the table, to provide our clients with the best photography and videography solutions, at optimal prices. We are very passionate about what we do! We are inquisitive and agile. We are very goal-oriented, and the goal is - to make our clients successful!


We love our clients! Every client is a flagship for our team!


About the founder


Hello! I'm Tatiana, founder of TXFilms Production,

an entrepreneur, photographer, graphic designer, engineer, food stylist, perfectionist, but most importantly - an artist.

Born to a family of architects and engineers, I became an artist before I could talk or walk. There I was in 1992, a baby having tummy time on a large paper canvas between watercolors, with damp sponges as my first toys. One may question the parenting choices of my family, but they really allowed me to get a sense of divinity at a very young age. This genuine, almost spiritual, creativity has migrated into my work, later on, showing its versatility in everything I have ever touched or made.


I believe that one's skills and talents should bring value to the community. A talent without application is an unthinkable squander, an offense to a generous Universe. That is what motivated me to surround myself with a knowledgeable, reliable, and responsible team and to launch a business. Today I am proud to present the  TXFilms Production at your service!

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